The Puerto Rico Funders Network (La Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico) is a vehicle for coordinated action to strengthen nonprofit organizations on the island. Nonprofit organizations are of heightened importance in these times of fiscal crisis. They help provide a social safety net for the most impoverished, and are a source of innovative actions that will help Puerto Rico weather the crisis and develop a stronger and more equitable democracy.  

The purpose of the Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico is to enhance the ability of philanthropy and nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

The Network members understand that the extraordinary organizations in which they have invested significant resources over the years are of heightened importance in these times of fiscal crisis. Nonprofit organizations help to provide a social safety net for the most impoverished, enrich cultural expression, support human development and strengthen democratic practice.  

Effective solutions to the crisis are urgent, but still not clear.  They undoubtedly require new ideas and the increased ability of civil society organizations to engage in policy debates, demand government transparency and participation in decision-making, and protect the rights of the marginalized. Solutions will also call for greater understanding on the part of the United States Congress and electorate regarding the causes and consequences of Puerto Rico’s crisis.   

For the next two years, the principal priority of the Red de Fundaciones is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to develop and implement solutions to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and protect society’s most vulnerable.  

To advance this priority, we are partnering to invest in three principal activities over the next two years: 

  1. To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations;
  2. To inform public opinion; and
  3. To expand collaborative efforts and partnerships to stimulate Puerto Rico’s recovery.

Rafael Cortés Dapena, President
President, Ángel Ramos Foundation


Beatriz Polhamus, Vice President
Executive Director, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Foundation


Nelson I. Colón Tarrats, Vice President
Excecutive President, Puerto Rico Community Foundation


Lourdes R. Miranda, Treasurer
President, Miranda Foundation 


Sofía Martínez-Álvarez, Secretary
Executive Director, Titín Foundation


Mary Ann Gabino, Member
Senior Vice President, Puerto Rico Community Foundation


Carlos Rodríguez, Member
Excecutive Director, Flamboyán Foundation


Alexandra Hertell, Member
Excecutive Director, Segarra Boerman Foundation


Laura López Torres, Member
Excecutive Director, Ángel Ramos Foundation


Alfredo Martínez-Álvarez, Member
President, Titín Foundation


Janice Petrovich, Excecutive Director and Vice President
Puerto Rico Foundations' Network