What is the Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico/ FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund?

The Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico  is a fund that supports key non-profit institutions that are working to achieve a better Puerto Rico in the short, medium and long term. Initially, ADELANTE Puerto Rico provided rapid response grants to organizations assisting communities affected by the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria. Once the immediate needs of affected populations are stabilized, the Fund will continue to support organizations to ensure the resilience of the most vulnerable and their continued contribution to Puerto Rico. We will also support work on issues of government transparency, inequality, and community economic development. Our vision is to move FORWARD expeditiously, towards a better Puerto Rico.

Who creates the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund?

The Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico was created by La Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico (the Puerto Rico Funders Network). The Network is made up of longstanding and prestigious Puerto Rican foundations with extensive experience in strategic grantmaking and deep involvement in the nonprofit sector. 

Why was the Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico created?

Puerto Rico confronts a dual challenge that especially affects the country’s most vulnerable populations. The most recent challenge has been the devastation created by hurricanes Maria and Irma. But these hurricanes hit at a time when the island is already facing a huge economic crisis. The storms have left many homeless, with no sources of water, electricity, food, medicine or fuel. The economic crisis has left many people without work, health insurance, money or adequate government services. Community-based non-profit organizations have been the first to respond to these crises by documenting impacts, fostering artistic expression, advocating for the most vulnerable, creating innovative initiatives, mobilizing volunteers and addressing basic needs. As organizations deeply rooted in vulnerable communities, their proximity and knowledge enable them to quickly and efficiently address the physical, cultural and emotional needs of communities, even in remote places.

How does the Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico operate?

The ADELANTE Puerto Rico Fund collects cash contributions from individuals and foundations based in Puerto Rico and the continental United States. These funds are distributed in Puerto Rico among non-profit organizations with a proven track record and positive impact. The list of current grantees appears here and reports illlustrating their work here.

The ADELANTE Puerto Rico Fund is managed by the Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico, a Puerto Rican non-profit organization. The Red’s  Board of Directors, composed of the leaders of the member foundations, ensures the effective distribution of funds raised. The Foundation for Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization classified under section 501c3 of the United States tax code, serves as fiscal sponsor for the Fund.

In order to maximize the impact of contributions, the Fund does not charge administrative costs for contributions from individuals. The Fund’s administration is covered by dues and support from partner grantmaking foundations.

An updated list of donors is available here.

The members of the Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico have a longstanding commitment to the organizations that receive support from the Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico. As immediate needs of the population are met, funds will continue to be raised to ensure that Puerto Rico’s nonprofit sector continues its valuable efforts in helping to move Puerto Rico FORWARD, developing its economy, creating jobs and strengthening communities.

How can I donate to the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund?

To donate to the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund click here.